Offroad Outfitter is in fact a small town shop. Each tee is proudly designed, printed, and packaged by yours truly in northern Indiana, out of the same workshop that I build my Jeeps. 

I have been a full time t-shirt designer for nearly a decade now, working remotely from home as the lead designer for a large screen-printing company based out of Daytona Beach, FL. My specialty for that company is primarily motorcycle rally t-shirts (my "claim to fame" being the designer of the Daytona Bike Week official logo 4 times). And while I have owned and built a couple of bikes in the past, my passion has always been with Jeeps, or off-roading in general. This passion is what drove me to create the Offroad Outfitter brand.

Growing up, my evenings were spent in the garage wrenching alongside my dad on his various projects ranging from dune buggies, show cars, motorcycles, and everything in between. My very first vehicle when I turned 16 was a hand-me-down YJ Wrangler from my dad, while he had upgraded to a newer TJ Wrangler. The YJ had a mild 4" lift, 33" Thornbirds, stock axles, stock gearing, 3 speed auto, and I thought it was a "go anywhere" monster! That Jeep is what began my journey into the world of off-roading. My Jeepin' buddies and I would try and find any excuse to romp on them in the mud, sand, and Indiana cornfields. Sadly I had to sell it once I went off to college, but I knew that wouldn't be the end of my Jeepin' journey.

I have since owned a few more Wranglers throughout the years but now hit the trails in a '99 XJ Cherokee. I know, I know....I'm an "XJ guy." But after a couple years of wheeling it, I absolute love it! They're inexpensive to buy, parts are plentiful, I'm not scared to scratch or dent it, and being the underdog at any event gives me the chance to prove it's worthiness! It currently sits on about 4" of lift, 35" Interco TRXUS MTs, locked front and rear, along with many other mods. Even with 270k miles on the old 4.0L, I'd still drive it anywhere....and actually drove it 3,500 miles round trip this year to Moab and back with future plans to visit even more iconic off-road areas.

If you email us or follow us on social media, it will be me responding and communicating with you. 

-Ben Miller / Founder